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Migrate your current e-commerce site or set up entirely new web store on Shopify.

This package is for large businesses. The price can be estimated only after requirements definition. After requirements have been defined we will know the project scope, difficulty and work effort - as well as the possible need for extra resources from my network of experts.

  • Requirements definition
  • Planning
  • Shopify site setup and specification
  • Language versions
  • Designing and implementing a layout ("theme") to reflect your brand
  • Building your product catalog
  • Moving your old content pages under Shopify
  • User training and user manual
  • Testing
  • Post-launch technical support, change requests and extensions at an hourly or monthly agreement.


How to order this service:

Please request a quote using our contact form.

The final price of the service and work effort estimate will be agreed after the requirements definition phase.  A consultancy agreement is signed at the same time. The first payment (30%) will be billed after the requirements definition phase. The rest (70%) will be billed in two or three installments. The completed site is handed to the customer's ownership when the agreed service price has been paid in full.

Monthly Sales Charges for Shopify platform

Shopify has monthly subscription fees, starting from USD 29 / month + transaction fees. You can see the Shopify Pricelist here.

Note: Shopworks is an official Shopify Partner that builds custom-made web stores running on the Shopify platform. The customer pays the Shopify platform's subscription fees and any extensions directly to Shopify.