About me & Shopworks

Why would you work with me?

Because with me you get things done in one go. I have both created and operated Shopify webstores. I am currently involved in operating two webstores selling and delivering large amounts of products. Many coders, designers and e-commerce strategy consultants have never operated a store nor sold any products. I have and I know what it takes.

With Shopworks you pay for results, not for internal meetings and coffee pauses.

Hi there,

and welcome to Shopworks. On this page you can read a little about me and my background. You'll also learn how I can help your business to get a functional Shopify or Shopify Plus webstore custom built.

My name is Tuukka Autio. I'm an entrepreneurial-spirited service design and business development professional with over 20 years of experience in working with business software, marketing, digital media, industrial automation, IT hardware and e-commerce.

I am a problem solver and I love to help others. My strength is my ability to truly listen and understand my customer's needs and ability to build solutions that answer those needs. Shortly put, I'm the guy that can combine business and technology and can understand user needs.

My background

I've run a startup company, worked as a salesman, a manager and as a web developer. The most part of my career I have worked with startup companies, developing and selling new user-centric technologies.

Websites I have been making more or less frequently since 1995, with customers ranging from publicly listed companies to very small businesses. My LinkedIn-profile you can find here. Some of my Shopify-related works (mini-CV) you can find at the bottom of this page.

I first became familiar with Shopify back in 2014 when we were selecting the most suitable e-commerce platform for Emmy.fi - a second hand apparel store we founded (in terms of product count, Emmy may today be the largest Shopify store in the Nordics). Since then I have built and managed several Shopify stores. I remain 100% convinced of Shopify's fit for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

People have called me the best Shopify developer in Finland. There are surely more skilled or faster coders out there. My approach is to build you a shop that does what you need and which you can easily maintain yourself, without needing any coders or consultants.

Why I started Shopworks

I come from Finland, and while our country is known for its highly skilled and tech-literate people, my compatriots often run web stores on outdated, homespun systems offering substandard user experiences. This, I think, is one of the key reasons why online shopping in Finland is lagging behind many other countries and our companies are poor in expanding their business across the borders. I founded Shopworks to help my clients compete with the best tools and excel at customer experience, and most of all, to enable my clients to be successful in their online business.

Moreover, many times during my career I've had to consider buying consulting services for different needs. Very often you will find that consultants like to offer plans, ideas and strategies, but very few can or want to execute anything or take any responsibility of delivering anything. With Shopworks, execution is precisely what you get (but I do make the plans first).

My service offering is simple:

I sell the implementation of a Shopify web store as a turnkey project.

My promise is that this model works and you get the store you want and need.

Wish to work with me? Contact me.

Tuukka Autio

Tel.: +358 (0)45 124 7988
email: firstname (a) shopworks.fi

Shopworks (Praxeo Koulutuspalvelut Oy)
Turvesuonkuja 4, 08500 Lohja, Finland

Portfolio - valittuja asiakastoteutuksia|Portfolio: A selection of customer cases

Chia de Gracia

The usability and loading times of Chia de Gracia's webstores were improved by updating their old theme to Shopify OS 2.0 Dawn -theme.

"Cooperation with Shopworks has been straightforward and professional, including the way customer's needs were taken into account" - Tuomas Korhonen, CdG CEO

GYMNATION Sportswear

Gynmation's site was enriched with custom-made functionality for group orders and B2B wholesale. Product pages were also enriched with dynamic content and videos.

"I think that if there is a Shopify task that Tuukka cannot solve, then no one can." - Aleksi Koskelo, Gymnation founder


The iconic Finnish design brand Aarikka needed a graphical and functional update for their webshop. A graphic designer did the visual design and Shopworks took care of the implementation. Check out Aarikka.com.

Shopify-to-ERP integration

We made an automatic ERP integration for IP-Agency's Shopify Plus stores. Automated processing takes care of fetching new orders, transforming the order information and transferring it to the ERP system. Examples of their shops are nordicprostore.com and airtracknordic.com.


Tracker.fi Wordpress site was completely rebuilt both functionally and visually. Mobile experience, page load times and maintainability of the site were massively improved.

In Spring 2020 their cumbersome Magento webstore was migrated to Shopify - creating an easy-to-maintain and functional store for both digital licenses and physical products.


A personal side-project - the loveliest little shop for natural cosmetics in Finland. We make it easy to find and buy safe and natural products for skincare and makeup.

(4Organic Store business was acquired by another entrepreneur 3/2022)


Koutsi365.fi is a new kind of digital training service for cross-country skiers. We implemented an easy-to-maintain training calendar and video libraries. Access to online materials is automatically controlled based on customer order's validity period.

Emmy Clothing Company

We founded Emmy at the end of 2014. Today it's the leading webstore for 2nd hand designer / branded apparel in the Nordics.

Store.emmy.fi has delivered nearly a million unique items to new hands.


Fuelme.fi delivers healthy meals for active people in the capital region. 

A graphical and functional facelift was made for the site. A subscription-based purchase model was added along with support for two languages.


Finnaccuracy.com - high-end optics and accessories for professionals and demanding aficionados.


Shop.bt.tn was built to replace a cumbersome WooCommerce-based store. The new store sells IoT devices to all corners of the world in small and large amounts, handling logo customizations and EU VAT tax code with private and business customers, for physical and digital goods alike.